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Greens put the chicken before the egg in the ACT
Greens MLA, Dr Deb Foskey, has tabled an important ammendment
to the ACT's Animal Welfare Act which calls for a complete ban on
keeping hens in cages for egg production.

Please help!! write to your ACT representatives to show your support

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We're not currently touring. Please take the
time to write letters to your local members.

The Human Battery Cage is a unique piece of installation/performance art designed to show the public, in a vivid and realistic way, the cramped conditions caged birds are subjected to for the production of eggs for human consumption.

The Human Battery Cage isn't currently touring, we completed our 2007 tour after spending over 7 months on the road showing people all over Australia just what the life of a battery hen is like.

Special Thanks
The Vegetarian / Vegan Society of Qld and the Human Battery Cage are extremely grateful to Voiceless and Animal Liberation (NSW) for their support of this project.

We'd also like to thank all the people who fed, housed and entertained us, and the thousands of volunteers who came and joined us in the cages.

What you can still do...

  1. Get Involved with your local Animal Rights group
    Every group in Australia agrees that Battery Cages should be banned, so get on board with your local campaigns.
  2. Write to members of parliament
    Tell your elected representatives that you want hens out of battery cages.
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